We Build & Manufacture:

  • High Flow Aviation Refuelers
  • Aviation Refueller Trailer (5000 litre)
  • Small Aircraft Refuellers
  • Boat Marine Refuellers
  • Hi Flow Pumps

We export:

  • High Flow Aviation Refuellers world wide
  • Small Aircraft Refuelers to all countries
  • Aviation Refueller Trailers internationally
  • Aviation hand powered pumps and filters
  • Marine Refuelers Small and Large

We Supply:

  • New parts for most makes and models
  • Diesel petrol pump parts
  • Fuel bowser parts
  • New fuel hoses, fuel meters and fuel nozzles
  • Fuel monitoring equipment

We Resupply:

  • Reconditioned parts for most makes and models
  • Change over Meters and Counters
  • Fully reconditioned Bowsers
  • Electronic equipment

We Install:

  • Tanks of all sizes, Bowsers
  • Oil and Grease pumps
  • Meters, Counters and Presets
  • Underground tank installation

We Provide:

  • Diesel petrol pump repairs
  • Fuel Suction line repairs
  • Fuel suction line testing
  • Petrol Pump Calibration
  • Above ground tank decommissioning
  • Above ground tank Installation
  • Above ground tank removal
  • Pumping equipment, AVgas equipment
  • Jet A1 equipment
  • Underground tank decommissioning
  • Underground tank Installation
  • Underground tank removal

We Are:

  • TMV certifiers, AIP clearance for contractors, AIP members
  • A5 Standards Quality
  • S-Permit licensed

We Serve:

  • Aviation Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Local, State and Federal Governments
  • Logistics Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Transport and Railway Industry
  • and other Industry with refuelling needs
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